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Helpful Hints
If you cast your own rifles slugs, use a can of OLD SWAMP HUNTER CO.  Shooting paste.  Heat can and dunk slug in paste.  Put cutter over slug and remove.

When resting rifle overnight after a quick cleaning, place barrel down to let any excess oil drain out and not in the chamber or nipple.

Pick a proper fitting ball starter and ramrod to match the head of the ball used to prevent disfiguring of slug or ball went loading.

On your practice range, fire three shots without adjusting sites, and let the barrel cool for five to ten minutes between shots.  This will help in getting a "group".  Repeat this process until you are satisfied with what had gun will do.  Then see how well you can shoot off hand.

When refining a hunting load for different distances, start with the smallest powder charge and workup slowly.  There is no sense in shooting 110 gr. of powder when 80 gr. will do the job.