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Our Products
The American heritage we all feel part of, is a driving factor behind OLD SWAMP HUNTER Co. It seems that the more we look for advances in modern technology, the less we remember of how our forefather's braved and solved many things we take for granted today.

Even the name OLD SWAMP HUNTER Co. invokes an image of earlier days when braving the elements was the rule of the day, and relying on the simplicity of their equipment to function when needed.  This concept gave the rebirth of the basic practices that our frontier lineage needed to survive.  We are confident that by using the OLD SWAMP HUNTER Co. gun care system, you'll agree that by going back to all natural basics of our products, you can rely on your firearm, trouble-free, like our ancestors had to.

Consider the concept behind the functioning of OLD SWAMP HUNTER and why it will work for you.  By using all natural products, just like the pioneer days (because it's all that was available) a seasoning of the barrel occurred every time a shot was fired, just like the seasoning of a fine old cast-iron frying pan.  With OLD SWAMP HUNTER the same process is in action.  Each shot to take, literally shoots out the residue of the previous shot, and thus prevents fouling of the bore and forces our all natural lube into the pores of the barrel.  For as many times as you care to reload, we'll assure that no buildup will occur, also making each shot more consistent.

You should always inspect your firearm first before firing to ensure that it is in proper and safe working condition.  Keep in mind safety at all times by treating every firearm as if it were loaded, pointing the muzzle in a safe direction, and went hunting, or just target practicing being sure of your target and beyond.  Also never introduce petroleum-based products when shooting or cleaning your firearm in conjunction with OLD SWAMP HUNTER, it will negate any the progress and seasoning you done to your barrel.

Let us know what you think by contacting us.

Were constantly looking for more ways to promote and insure better gun care without high-tech pollutants.  Keep an eye out for further OLD SWAMP HUNTER Co. products in the future, and thank you for your confidence in our products.